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Prices for the year 2023


If you are looking for a bus, please write or call. We will find the appropriate price for you.


Long distance tourist luxury buses:


49 person bus:

  • Km price: 600-650 HUF/ km
  • Daily min. km: 250 km

18 - 20 person bus:

  • Km price: 350-400 HUF/ km
  • Daily min. km: 250 km

Prices are indicative, do not include VAT.

Value Added Tax:

  • International passenger transportation: 0% VAT
  • Domestic passenger transportation: 27% VAT

For long-term orders an individual fee calculation is served to our esteemed clients.

To determine the prices we have many aspects to take into consideration. The place of departure, the expected route plan and the travelled kms are playing important roles in our calculations. In addition, we have to take into account other aspects like the number of passengers or the comfort level of the bus. You can find more information about the comfort level of our buses, if you take a look at the Vehicle fleet-details. You can pick up information about the number of seats and the equipment, too.

If you fill the Contact information-form we can send you a preliminary calculation from the given parameters. Prices are only indicative, because we provide a discount to our former clients and a multi-day trip, a longer-distance also can make the price lower.

For more information, please contact us.

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